AEEF_Dinner 2014

AEEF_Dinner 2014

Aligarh Education Endowment Fund (AEEF) is a Non-Profit organization with a tax-exempt status, 501(c) (3) by the United States IRS since 2005 with the Tax ID# 20-1000034. AEEF is serving for educational needs of the underprivileged communities in India.


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Legal Entities and Organizations in USA and India

The Aligarh Education Fund is registered and incorporated in USA and it will be registered in India as a non-profit organization, and will follow all applicable laws of the respective countries.

Management of Funds

A Board of Trustees and a Board of Directors as below will manage the AEEF:

Board of Trustees (BOT): This will be the supreme body that will have full control of the AEEF and its funds. There will be 5-11 trustees (3/4th being the donor trustees).

Board of Directors (BOD): This will be the executive body that will conduct the business and affairs of the AEEF at the direction and subject to the decisions of the BOT. There will be 5-7 directors appointed by the BOT.

The Board will appoint working committees as needed for such functions as investment of funds, oversight, etc. The Board will also appoint committees at the institutions or cities in India (e.g., AMU) where projects are being funded. These local committees will be independent of the institution receiving funds, making possible unbiased performance reporting.

Prioritization of Needs, Due Diligence

Requests for proposals for possible funding will be solicited from institutions and individuals. These proposals will be subjected to a two-level review process. A committee of reputed individuals who will rate the proposals based on their merit will conduct the review. Based on the review/s, the Board of Directors of the AEEF will make the final funding decision. Both in the review process and in the final decision-making, rules will be followed to avoid conflicts of interest.

Disbursement Procedures

All applicable government laws will be followed in disbursing any funds. In addition, safety measures will be taken to ensure that all funds are used solely for educational purposes. Funds will be released in installments after periodic review of progress.


Organizations receiving funds from the AEEF will be accountable to the AEEF; and the AEEF in turn is accountable to its benefactors.

Investment of Funds


An Investment Committee appointed by the Board of Directors will make investment decisions.


What is our goal? Revival of our people. What is the means? Education. What is the biggest challenge? Motivation. How to inspire motivation? Through self-confidence. We cannot have confidence in our ideals if we have no confidence in ourselves. So let us begin - fearing nothing, not even fear itself, and plant the first seed. 

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