AEEF_Dinner 2014

AEEF_Dinner 2014

Aligarh Education Endowment Fund (AEEF) is a Non-Profit organization with a tax-exempt status, 501(c) (3) by the United States IRS since 2005 with the Tax ID# 20-1000034. AEEF is serving for educational needs of the underprivileged communities in India.


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PostHeaderIcon Sir Syed Emerging Scholar Award- 2011

In 2010-11, Aligarh Education Endowment Fund (AEEF) sponsored 5 SSESA Awards and the following SSESA award recipients made it to the Universities in US and UK.

1. Amena Arif – Ph.D. Program, University of Massachusetts, MA
2. Supriya Jindal – Ph.D. Program, Cleveland State University, OH
3. Fahad Usmani – Ph.D. Program, Florida State University, FL
4. Ruchi Dana – MBA Program, Stanford University, CA
5. Asim Rizvi – Ph.D. Program, University of Leeds, England