AEEF_Dinner 2014

AEEF_Dinner 2014

Aligarh Education Endowment Fund (AEEF) is a Non-Profit organization with a tax-exempt status, 501(c) (3) by the United States IRS since 2005 with the Tax ID# 20-1000034. AEEF is serving for educational needs of the underprivileged communities in India.


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PostHeaderIcon Long Term Goals

Long Term Specific Aims

The long-term specific aims are as follows:

1. Student Exchange Program
Inter-University Exchange (e.g., an AMU college student studies for a year in a different University like Delhi). This program can be extended to study abroad program.

2. Mentorship/Establish an Adopt-A-Student Program
Adopt a Student programs would create a special bond between the beneficiary and the donor. It would be best if the donor adopts a student from his ancestral hometown or college or University. For the effectiveness of the program the donor should maintain regular contact with the adopted student and take an interest in his studies and progress. Whenever the donor is in India he could visit the college where the student is studying and also meet his teachers.

Such an approach would enable us to spot talent early and to widen the awareness about our goals and programs. It will inspire other students in the school or college when they see the program in action first hand. A data base of mentors will be created for students to access for advice and guidance.

3. Establish a Counseling Program

It will involve identifying emerging areas of careers and employment opportunities. This will have to be done on a global basis because globalization and greater mobility of professional talent across national frontiers is an inherent part of the new economic organization and management.

The program will also involve identifying at an early stage talent and aptitude. Students will be encouraged to share and discuss their goals and ambitions. Those with a sense of social responsibility will be encouraged to go into careers and attain positions with greatest spin-off benefits for the community, where they can help others. For this purpose, students will be encouraged to go into journalism, law, finance, business management and entrepreneurship. The goal is not only jobs for our youth but also strengthening the society as a whole.

With increasing globalization, knowing one of the multi-country foreign languages –Arabic, French or Spanish, in addition to English – would be invaluable not only for jobs but also for our global reach.

As part of career counseling, students will have to be made aware of the prerequisites for success today, besides knowledge of the subject, e.g. leadership quality, communication skills both oral and written, capacity for incisive analysis and creative solutions, breadth in thinking, moral and intellectual integrity. n the same context students will be given guidelines for drafting model CVs and how to conduct themselves at interviews and personality tests for making the right impression.

4. Inspirational Speaker Series
People who have done well in life and who can be role models may be asked to speak to the students from time to time.

5. Provide Support for Teacher Improvement / Teachers Workshops
Workshops, seminars and interactive gatherings of teachers involved in this effort will have to be regularly organized for better awareness, higher motivation, greater dedication and most of all, for cross fertilization of ideas.

6. Establish Visiting Professor Program
Leading Indian/foreign scholars teach a course/seminar series at University departments.

7. Help Minority Institutions Modernize their Curricula/Syllabi