AEEF_Dinner 2014

AEEF_Dinner 2014

Aligarh Education Endowment Fund (AEEF) is a Non-Profit organization with a tax-exempt status, 501(c) (3) by the United States IRS since 2005 with the Tax ID# 20-1000034. AEEF is serving for educational needs of the underprivileged communities in India.


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PostHeaderIcon Mahila Training Markaz (Women’s Vocational Center)


Supporting Vocational Training for Women

Provide skills to achieve self-esteem and self-reliance through vocational training and basic education

Mahila Training Markaz (Women’s Vocational Center)

Mahila Training Markaz, which is run by Shabbir Memorial Education Society and mainly looked after by Prof. Rashid Hayat Siddiqi and Mrs. Yasmin Rizvi. The Markaz was started about 10 years ago when it received a small grant from a well-wisher. The school where the Markaz operates is located very close to a congested area of lower middle and lower class residential/commercial population. At present it has 20 girls/women registered in the program that comprises basic instructions in tailoring. There is an honorary supervisor and one salaried instructor. Funds are drying up and without additional funding the Markaz may not be able to sustain its program after a year or two.

AEEF is working with the Markaz to hire a teacher to start the basic education and retain the sewing instructor for vocational training. This will prepare many of the girls for enrolling in formal schools after some initial tutoring. Later on depending on progress and availability of funds the program can be expanded in terms of beneficiaries' as well as scope.

AEEF is making initial commitment for two years, but the Markaz is given to understand that it will be supported in the long term as long as progress is made in the program and the funds are available at AEEF.

AEEF made a Sponsorship of US $ 1,610 to Mahila Training Markaz (Women’s Vocational Center) for 2010-11


Prof. Rashid Hayat Siddiqi, Mrs. Yasmin Rizvi and Afzal Usmani with the participants of Mahila Training Markaz at their facility in Doharra Aligarh (UP)