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Adopt a Project

AEEF provides a platform and for the volunteers and donors to involve actively in AEEF’s educational projects of their choice. Our Adopt-a-Project program has been a way for our volunteers to stay connected with the society and spread the light of education. If you are passionate to help less fortunate people please pick a project and generate funds within your social/professional network so that you can execute the project in place of your choice. AEEF enables the project by providing guidance and support to execute successfully.

You will be able to changes lives for better.

“Provide an Opportunity and Dream Will Follow”

Excellence in education through scholarships

To bring about a transformation in the lives of academically brilliant and economically underprivileged students through scholarships
An important element of AEEF is its scholarship program, 100 needy and bright students will be supported across India. The scholarship will be awarded to students at any academic level after passing high school in any area and at all levels of education and selection of students is based on merit-cum-means. The actual amount of award will be determined based on financial need of the student (Rs. 1000-1500/month). An initial commitment is made for one year, but the recipients are given to understand that they will be supported to the highest degree level as long as they perform well, still in need of financial assistance and the funds are available at AEEF. Any substantial financial aid from other sources precludes the award of this fellowship.

Sponsorship for one student: US $ 300/year

Supporting Students at Feeder Institutions

Inspire the next generation of underprivileged communities to achieve self-esteem and self-reliance through education
Aligarh Modern School, Aligarh

Aligarh Modern School is serving the educational needs of the under privileged students, mostly first generation learners who live around AMU campus and adjoining rural areas, for many years. It currently has 500 students (from Grade 1-12). Many of the students are unable to pay the school fee (~Rs 600/month) and are supported by donations. AEEF has been sponsoring 50 students at this school since 2011. An initial commitment was made for one year, but the recipients were given to understand that they will be supported upto 12th grade as long as they perform well and the funds are available at AEEF. AEEF is also supporting development projects at Aligarh Modern School through directed donations.

Sponsorship for one student: US $ 120/year

Hamara School, Mallah Ka Nagla, Aligarh

Hamara School (Non formal school) established by few students of AMU in 1999. The school, located in Mallah Ka Nagla, Aligarh is serving the educational needs of the downtrodden kids of the society, mostly first generation learners who live around AMU campus and adjoining rural areas. This school runs three different programs:

  1. Hamara School at Mallah Ka Nagla, Aligarh (It currently has ~100 students - Nursery, K.G, Grades I and II). School recruits the students from families who have no interest or resistant to send their children to school, mainly due to socio-economic reasons. School prepares the children in a year or two for admission in other schools in Aligarh for formal education at various grade levels.
  2. Pays the tuition fee for students that have been placed in other schools in Aligarh
  3. It offers Coaching Classes for School going children placed in other schools in Aligarh (mentioned above) to bring them up to speed and be at par with other children in their school.

Since almost all the children come form the families who have no means to educate their children, all the expenses are borne by the founders and other donors of Hamara School.

Sponsorship for one student: US $ 120/year

Saiema Mansoor Public School and 10 other Schools

(Under Noorul Uloom Education Society, In and around Hathras)

Noorul Uloom Education Society established Saiema Mansoor Public School (Est. 2002, CBSE recognized, KG-12th, 650 students) and 10 other feeder schools in and around to serve the educational needs of the under privileged students, who have traditionally been illiterate living in clans and ghettos. They are educationally and economically backward and because of ignorance, illiteracy and poverty, have become vulnerable. Currently combined enrollment of all schools is approximately 3000 students (from Grade KG-10). AEEF is supporting development projects at Saiema Mansoor Public School through directed donations.

Hira Public School, Hanswar, Ambedkar Nagar

(Under Qaumi Rafahi Society)

Qaumi Refahi Society established Hira Public School in 1988 (Affiliated to CBSE, Grade 1-12th, current student strength about 1700) for quality education of under privileged children in and around Hanswar in Ambedkar Nagar U.P. With society’s efforts, large numbers of boys and girls are getting higher education in various universities and many girls are going in teaching and medical profession after completing their education at Hira.

Sponsorship for one student: US $ 200/year

Midday Snacks at Hamara School

The Midday Snacks Program is a school snack program of AEEF designed to better the nutritional standing of Hamara School students. The program supplies free snacks on working days for all children (~350) of Hamara School. This program is aided through sponsorships by AEEF donors.

Sponsorship for one week: US $ 350

Sponsorship for one month US $ 1400

Supporting Vocational Training for Women

Provide skills to achieve self-esteem and self-reliance through vocational training and basic education

Mahila Training Markaz (Women's Vocational Training Center)

Mahila Training Markaz is run by Shabbir Memorial Education Society and mainly looked after by Prof. Rashid Hayat Siddiqi and Mrs. Hashim Rizvi. The Markaz was started about 13 years ago when it received a small grant from a well-wisher and is located very close to a congested area of lower middle and lower class residential/commercial population. At present it has 30 girls/women registered in the program that comprises basic instructions in tailoring. There is an honorary supervisor and one salaried instructor. Program was being operated in low key mainly due to lack of finances. However, with AEEF's help since 2012, center has been able to revive the programs. Added more sewing machines, some furniture, increased salaries and above all have started a literacy program. This will prepare many of the girls for enrolling in formal schools after some initial tutoring. Later on depending on progress and availability of funds the program can be expanded in terms of beneficiaries' as well as scope.

AEEF is committed to support this project in the long term as long as progress is made in the program and the funds are available at AEEF.

Sponsorship for One month: US $ 300

Sponsorship of Center for one year US $ 3600

Provide Support for Mentorship Program

We must encourage our students to seek admissions in western universities for higher education.

We are partnering with our sister organizations to support mentorship program. This is a merit-based scholarship that is awarded to academically outstanding students at Master's level in the Faculties of Science, Life Science, Medicine and Engineering at the Aligarh Muslim University. The program sponsors talented students to secure admission in Ph.D. programs at centers of international repute. The program provides mentorship by matching the students with experts in his/her field, pays the fee for GRE, TOEFL and application fee for up to 5 American Universities. The cost incurred on each student is about US$ 1000. During the past four years AEEF has sponsored over 20 students under this program. Every year several students are successfully admitted to Masters and Ph.D. programs in US, Europe, and South Korea.

Sponsorship for one student: US $ 1000

Support students at premier institutions of higher education in India

We must inspire our students to study at IIT's, AIIMS, IIM's, TFIR, and IISc for careers in Science, Engineering, Medicine and Management. Students who are admitted at these institutions will be awarded scholarships on merit-cum means basis.

Sponsorship for one student: US $ 1,600/year

Development Grants

Supporting infrastructure improvement at schools in poor neighborhoods

Sponsorship for One school: US $ 10,000