Aligarh Education Endowment Fund

A Non-Profit 501 (c) (3) Educational
& Charitable Organization Tax ID: 20-1000034

(650) 969-AEEF (2333)

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Legal Entity and Organizations in USA

The Aligarh Education Fund is a registered and incorporated in USA as a non-profit organization, and follows all applicable laws of the country.

Management of Funds

The AEEF will be managed by a Board of Trustees and a Board of Directors.

Disbursement Procedures

All applicable government laws are followed in disbursing any funds. In addition, safety measures are taken to ensure that all funds are used solely for educational purposes. Funds will be released in installments after periodic review of progress.


Organizations/individual/s receiving funds from the AEEF will be accountable to the AEEF; and the AEEF in turn is accountable to its benefactors.

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