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Feeder Schools

Saiema Mansoor Public School and 10 other Schools

Noorul Uloom Education Society established Saiema Mansoor Public School (Est. 2002, CBSE recognized, KG-12th, 650 students) and 10 other feeder schools in and around to serve the educational needs of the under privileged students, who have traditionally been illiterate living in clans and ghettos. They are educationally and economically backward and because of ignorance, illiteracy and poverty, have become vulnerable. Currently combined enrollment of all schools is approximately 3000 students (from Grade KG-10). AEEF is supporting development projects at Saiema Mansoor Public School through directed donations.

Aligarh Modern School, Aligarh

Aligarh Modern School (Shabbir Memorial Education Society) is serving the educational needs of the under privileged students, mostly first generation learners who live around AMU campus and adjoining rural areas, for many years. It currently has 500 students (from Grade 1-10). Many of the students are unable to pay the school fee and are supported by donations. AEEF has been sponsoring 50 students at this school for the past six years. In addition AEEF has also provided infrastructure development funds (all dedicated donations for development purpose)

Hamara School, Mallah Ka Nagla, Aligarh

Hamara School (Run under Society for Human Welfare) established by few students of AMU in 1999. The school, located in Mallah Ka Nagla, Aligarh is serving the educational needs of the downtrodden kids of the society, mostly first generation learners who live around AMU campus and adjoining rural areas. This school runs three different programs:

  • Hamara School at Mallah Ka Nagla, Aligarh (It currently has ~100 students - Nursery, K.G.-IV). School recruits the students from families who have no interest or resistant to send their children to school, mainly due to socio-economic reasons. School prepares the children in a year or two for admission in other schools in Aligarh for formal education at various grade levels.

  • Pays the tuition fee for students that have been placed in other schools in Aligarh.

  • It offers Coaching Classes for School going children placed in other schools in Aligarh (mentioned above) to bring them up to speed and be at par with other children in their school.

  • Since almost all the children come from the families who have no means to educate their children, all the expenses are borne by the founders and other donors of Hamara School. AEEF has sponsored over 50 students for the last 6 years.

Hira Public School, Hanswar, Ambedikar Nagar

(Under Qaumi Rafahi Society)

Hanswar, with its surrounding villages, is a Muslim majority area in Ambedkar Nagar U.P. Here primary education was limited to old Maktabs and students were not able to enter in good schools. Educational condition was even worse for Muslim girls who were unable to get education beyond fifth grade.

  • Qaumi Refahi Society took the challenge to address the issues mentioned above. It established Hira Public School in 1988 (Affiliated to CBSE, Grade 1-12th, current student strength about 1700) for quality education, Zahra Girls School and Maulana Naseem Girls Inter College (Recognized by U.P. Board). With society’s efforts, large numbers of girls are getting higher education in various universities and many girls are going in teaching and medical profession after completing their education.

  • Being in a remote area populated mostly by low income farmers, weavers and laborers, it was difficult for many parents to pay the nominal school fee. Aligarh Education Endowment Fund has been awarding scholarships to the students of Hira Public School since 2010-11. These scholarships encouraged many students to go for higher education in various universities in India and abroad.