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Aligarh Education Endowment Fund (AEEF)

It is a historical fact that our mother institution, the Aligarh Muslim University Aligarh (AMU) came into existence as an aftermath of the “First War of Independence” that Indians fought and lost in 1857. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was quick to realize that sword is not the way to win freedom from mighty British Empire. He was a firm believer that pen is mightier than sword. Thus, he founded the AMU as the corner stone of his Education Movement, and we the sons and daughters of the AMU are the vanguards of Sir Syed’s Aligarh Education Movement.

Accordingly, it is the highest moral responsibility of all the AMU alumni to keep the Aligarh Education Movement thriving and moving until such time the deprivation, destitution and illiteracy are eradicated amongst all Indian communities. Today, Muslims as a disadvantaged minority community are the most backward class in shining India due to the lack of education. They need to be educated in order to play a constructive and productive role in the current economic growth and developments in India.

In establishing the Aligarh Education Endowment Fund (AEEF), AMU alumni and well-wishers, have taken a giant step forward in this direction. The mission of the Aligarh Education Endowment Fund (AEEF), as outlined in its brochure, “is the enhancement and modernization of education, and improvement of educational opportunities for the underprivileged sections of the Indian society, especially the minorities. This should result, in the long run, in economically uplifting these groups and helping them to become productive members of the Indian society.”

Since 2005, the AEEF has been seeking and collecting funds to provide assistance to minorities in India for upgrading their educational standards and infrastructure. Please visit website for more details.

However, this task is huge and colossal. It needs active participation, whole-hearted support, and generous contributions – specifically from fellow Aligarians, as we are the stalwarts of the Aligarh Education Movement.

Dr. Zakir Husain, one of the illustrious sons of AMU, was downright correct in proclaiming that the AMU is a great institution– unique and distinct from all other educational institutions. At the AMU, students not only get degrees and diplomas, but they also get a special mindset and a strong moral character infused with leadership qualities to serve the society and the community they live in. They succeed and lead others to succeed, where-as, the other institutions focus solely and exclusively on academic excellence. Those bookworms, who stay confined to text books only, carry a very narrow vision in regard to purpose of and success in life. There is no doubt that these bookworms succeed in getting lucrative jobs, but for no purpose other than to serve their vested interests.

The AMU is distinctive and unique as it has a history of upbringing galaxies of stars shining bright and beautiful on the horizon of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. (Please see the attached list). Their outstanding selfless services to the people and the nation are on record in the annals of history. The students coming out from the AMU have wider vision and better understanding of true success in life. Credit goes to the deeply rooted historical ties that the AMU has with India’s struggle for independence and the everlasting legacy of Sir Syed’s enormous sacrifices and the endless humiliations, hardships and agonies that he suffered in establishing this unique institution. These are the building blocks of the most cherished and highly valued traditions of the Aligarh Muslim University. These traditions shape the personality and give the strength of character to every AMU alumnus and alumna The Aligarh University anthem (Tarana) perfectly depicts the mindset and the profound character of the AMU alumnae. As we all know, the anthem ends with the following clarion call:

“Jo Abr YahaN se Utthay Gaa Voh Saaray Jahan Par Barsay Gaa”

Actually, we the AMU alumni and alumnae are the “Abr.” So let us rise up like ‘Abr’ to shower our donations and contributions to the Aligarh Education Endowment Fund (AEEF). Let us stand true to our moral obligations towards our mother institution that we are so proud of. Let us fulfill our serious commitment to keep the Aligarh Education Movement alive and moving.

Please send your donations to “The Aligarh Education Endowment Fund”.

Syed M. Ameen
B. Sc. Engg. 1962
Columbia, MD

Aligarh Modern School Thanks AEEF

It is difficult to measure the role of Aligarh Education Endowment Fund ( in trying to fulfill the educational void of the deprived and under privileged sections of our society especially amongst Muslims, for a person who is not aware of the ground realities prevailing here. This section of the society is now emerging from state of stupor/ slumber to the state of awakening. This awakening has recently led to emergence of light in mental makeup and dreaming of a better future. This is now leading towards realization of importance of education. The dreams can be realized only by efforts, big or small at all levels and everywhere are over the globe. Aligarh Modern School is one such small effort towards realizing those dreams and converting them into reality by His grace. Of course this has been possible only with the sustained help from various individuals and organizations like AEEF.

We have been the recipient of financial support for the last two years for 50 students per year (tuition fee only). Some of the students supported are very bright and some of them average students but the common thread which runs through them is the unburdening of their financial problems due to support provided by AEEF. We are sure that the bright stars and not so bright will find an honorable, successful and satisfying place in the near future. They will act as an agent for the change and will act as catalyst for others to follow.

Let me reiterate that progress of Aligarh Modern School from its formative years from class nursery to class XII now has been a difficult but satisfying journey. We again take this opportunity to thank all our well-wishers in AEEF. God bless you all. The cheer and the smile which you have brought on the faces of our students will be reflected for all time to come. Let us pray together for the glory of young pupils, so that they may shine like bright stars in their future endeavors. I personally and on behalf of Aligarh Modern School can never express the gratitude in full measure for the help rendered. We pray for all round success and happiness for all donors, past, present and future.

With best wishes

Aligarh Modern School fraternity and
Asim Rizvi (Manager, Aligarh Modern School)
(MBBS -1969, MD-1974)

Rejuvenation of success: New momentum, vision, and progression of Aligarh Education Endowment Fund (AEEF)

Sir Syed Vision

My Vision never dimmed, my determination never failed, I built this institution for you and I am sure, you will carry the light of this institution far and wide, darkness will disappear from all around.

Aligarh Educational Endowment Fund (AEEF) was launched with unambiguous objective and rationale to define the Aligarh movement, further it provided a platform for AMU Alumni and well-wishers to strengthen the AMU global image by participating in the program. Throughout its existence, AEEF is in foremost status and well respected and instituted outstanding Support system. The primary objective of AEEF, which uses the name of Aligarh, is devotion and receptivity to all steps towards the betterment of AMU, dissemination of Educational mission of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan's "Aligarh Movement" and the welfare of AMU, its legacy, traditions, its crusade and the hope. Inception and expansion of AEEF program will ultimately benefit our coming generations and the community will record its achievements with pride.

I whole heartedly support AEEF pronouncement about importance of early schooling at all levels in Muslim majority areas. Thus it is imperative for AMU Alumni and well-wishers to give an encouraging hand to AEEF, for its venture to educate Muslim children and goal for the socio-economic improvement of the community. The efforts of the team deserves appreciation by all those who believe in the establishment of a social order based on Sir Syed Mission of mass education among deprived groups within Indian society. All in all Mr. Mohammad Omar Farooq (President of AEEF) and his entire team should be congratulated on bringing out such a pragmatic program; it is truly a remarkable effort of these Aligarians as well as everyone who gave their time and donations to AEEF. There are several laudable projects described in the announcement, and a recent added benefactor of AEEF is inclusion of Saima Mansoor Islamia Higher Secondary School in Hatras near Aligarh. Since I am well aware of Noorul Ameen Society's projects, I assume that inclusion of this school by AEEF is an appropriate feat. This school is up to class XII and affiliated to Secondary Board of Central Education, Delhi.

Inshallah; AEEF and other organizations working alone or together can translate Sir Syed Ahmad Khan's vision into reality for India's Muslim masses.

Syed M. Naseem, Ph. D. (1970)
Washington, DC

I had indicated to you some time back in 2010 that our 'Mahila Training Markaz, programme was being operated in low key mainly due to lack of finances. However, with AEEF’s help received in 2011 and again in 2012, we have been able to revive the programme. Added more sewing machines, some furniture, increased salaries and above all have started a literacy programme. I am attaching a brief statement regarding the programme and the way we are utilizing the funds. You may want to circulate it to the contributors and kindly convey our thanks. We look forward to your continuing help.

With kind regards, Wasslam,

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Rashid. Hayat Siddiqi
Secretary, Shabbir Memorial Education Society

AEEF - Let us donate towards a noble cause......NOW.

ASAK Everyone: Have you invested wisely in this holy month of RAMDHAN? An ROI that will be several 100% of the initial investment? Well, here is an OPPORTUNITY.

We all know of the Aligarh Education Endowment Fund (

Often times we think of AEEF team's undivided attention and commitment to the AEEF program. In a short span of seven years since its inception, AEEF is a pioneer in its own space and g-r-o-w-i-n-g...One child helped is akin to one family brought out from the horrors of poverty, ignorance, illiteracy, ill-health and all that is associated with lack of basic education.

Poverty and illiteracy isolate families and degrades a sense of self-worth. The family undergoes continued lifelong stress as parents are never able to provide for the mental, physical and spiritual upbringing of their children. This is not unique to the minority Muslim population in India. But the extent of the damage that has been done is MOST VISIBLE for the Indian Muslims than other groups. We all know of the umpteen "Committee Reports" that provide statistics to prove the point... A country which is seeing booming economic growth, still has yet to comprehend the true causes of the deplorable conditions of minorities. Its efforts though well intended do not percolate to those who truly need it. We cannot depend upon others, but upon ourselves and do what WE can.

AEEF's work from assisting those who are poor and cannot afford ANY education (as they and their families are looking to them to supplement the meager income so that one additional child contributes to putting bread on the table), to guiding and mentoring students either directly or through similar programs run by sister organizations from US or in India just shows the broad spectrum of the reach that AEEF has carved and is honestly trying into pursue with the help and support of well-wishers and those who understand the need and take a step to see how they can contribute.

I know there are many good organizations who are working to uplift the marginalized and needy and their efforts are also commendable and should be supported. However, AEEF is LIKE OUR OWN (professionally managed) and we know the groups, associations, organizations and people who are voluntarily working to reach as many deserving and needy kids and families as possible. I ALSO know that by donating to AEEF, every single penny, i.e., 100% of the revenues are exclusively used towards these noble outreach programs. The results are noticeable in real time...Most of us also know at least one person who has benefited by AEEF. If we donate today, not only will we benefit by seeing our money put to good use, but the rewards in this Holy Month of Ramzaan are multifold. The donation could be a $10 per month or $100 per month...every bit helps......

I join hundreds of others in wishing the very best to all those who are supporting AEEF in one way or the other.

May HE continue to bless us, our families, our children our friends, our neighbors and well-wishers. May HE also give us the taufeeq to do whatever we can not only by donating money, but also donating our time and other valuable resources to bring our community out from the throes of poverty and into the mainstream.

Best Wishes,

Syed A. Rizvi
MBA, 1984 Boston, MA

Aligarh Education Endowment Fund (AEEF) - Helping students to achieve success

Ramadan is the month of barakah and blessing from Allah (SWT). We all strive hard to donate generously to the cause which we feel is most important and benefits most underprivileged people. Aligarh Education Endowment Fund (AEEF) was established to focus on uplifting less fortunate students by providing financial assistance so that they can use the educational opportunities for their personal and professional growth. The success of one student not only helps the immediate family but has profound effect on the community.

AEEF has been a continuing supporter of the erstwhile Sir Syed Excellence in Science Award (SSESA) by providing financial assistance for 5 students annually. Notably, the Sir Syed Excellence in Science Award is now an independent, autonomous, registered no- profit educational organization and goes by the new name of the Sir Syed Emerging Scholar Award (SSESA). The acronym and goal of the mentorship program remain the same and we continue to facilitate the admission of several talented young students to Master and Ph.D programs in the US and Europe every year. However, we have expanded the scope and reach of our mission and SSESA now encompasses non-science disciplines as well.

This growth of SSESA and our ability to run independently, unencumbered by financial constraints has only been possible because of supporters such as AEEF. Your donations to AEEF helps SSESA to provide financial assistance to more students that pays for their GRE, TOEFL and application fees. On behalf of SSESA, I request you to donate generously to AEEF that supports the education programs and helps students to succeed leading to the betterment of the society.


Saif Sheikh
On behalf of SSESA Team
M.Sc. Biochem. (1988)
Chicago, IL

AEEF, SSESA and Alumni Associations world over Scholarship Programs

As you all are aware of the good work done by various Alumni Associations world-over for almost a decade now by providing a number of Scholarships to the needy but meritorious students of Aligarh Muslim University. I feel myself fortunate enough to be directly or indirectly associated with all these programs and can say with full confidence that these programs have helped almost ten thousand students in all these years. Some of the beneficiary students have now occupied very prestigious positions in India and abroad, some have qualified prestigious competitions like IAS, IES, IITS and others. Since two of these scholarship programs, i.e. AMU Alumni Association Of Michigan and Northern California ( taken care of by myself and I interview around 1200 students and select around 300 of them for financial assistance, I come across some of the very genuine cases and after seven years when I am informed of their success I pray to almighty Allah that such a programme may continue for years. Later on when SSESA was launched, I once again was involved in the selection process and here again there are a number of success stories. My very dear student Rehan Baqri (who is in Harvard these days). Mr. Ali Rizvi, Dr. Saif sheikh and Mohsin all have done so much to make it a successful model for sending our bright students in various Universities of US, Canada, UK and other SE Asian Universities. After that again AEEF Team with the help of so many others launched AEEF ( which has also helped a number of needy students throughout the country. The program is a great success. I also appeal to fellow Aligs throughout the world to extend all possible help to all the three models of providing financial help to the needy and bright students of Aligarh Muslim University in particular and all other students in general. I am sure everybody would appreciate the efforts of AMU Alumni in their endeavors. May Allah accept our good deeds in this Holy month of Ramadhan(Ameen)


Suhail Sabir Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry
AMU, Aligarh

Contribution of AEEF

I am so pleased to read the emails/ postings regarding the contribution of AEEF ( in promoting the quality of education among the current and future generations. AEEF was established several years ago with the intention and vision to enlighten the lives of bright and deserving students who could make a mark in their lives by getting some support for their education. AEEF has not only become a reputed and credible organization that receives financial, moral and intellectual support from both Aligarians and other well-wishers, but more importantly, it brought the various AMU organizations in the US on a single platform who could put their best efforts together and use their resources wisely, strategically and efficiently. It has given respect and direction to the Aligarian movement in this age, and has embraced people from all walks of life.

My personal experience with AEEF has been through the Sir Syed Excellence in Science Award, now named as Sir Syed Emerging Scholar Award (SSESA). This scholarship was established in 2008-2009 to identify academically outstanding students of AMU who could potentially get admission for Master's and Ph.D programs in the US. With a little mentorship that guides the prospective students through the rigorous application process, and the related financial support for examinations like GRE/ TOEFL and application fees to various schools (about $700-800/ per student), this program has helped scores of students get admission in various Universities in the US and Europe. Until a few years ago, almost no student in AMU would dream of getting admission in the US due to the lack of money as well as guidance, but now the scholarship has made it a reality for those who deserve it. AND THIS HAS BECOME POSSIBLE ONLY WITH THE UNCONDITIONAL AND RECURRING SUPPORT FROM AEEF. When the program was started, nobody knew about it, and only a handful of friends and well-wishers came forward to support it. Lots of people were afraid that like so many other scholarship programs, it wouldn't survive for more than couple of years. But, with a slight persuasion and approach from SSESA members, AEEF came forward to help as they could perceive the strength and the importance of the program.

A direct impact of the success of this program was that another organization, KASHMIR EDUCATION INITIATIVE, a US based organization that supports the education of bright and needy students in Kashmir (, has also adopted a similar program for students in Kashmir. This program, known as KEI-Science Scholarship (KEISS), was launched in 2012 and has selected 5 students for the current year. Had AEEF not supported SSESA, KEISS program would also not have come into existence. In addition, AEEF has also directly supported some bright students in Kashmir who are studying in various professional courses. AEEF truly deserves congratulations, appreciation and all types of the support from its members, donors and well-wishers. So many thanks to AEEF board memebrs who work tirelessly to support this movement. I am sure that in the coming years, AEEF will play a vital role in shaping the future of students at AMU and beyond. The beneficiaries must become the torch bearers and bring laurels to AMU, AEEF, all AMU organizations and the nation.

On personal and SSESA behalf, I urge all the readers and well-wishers to support AEEF by all possible means. Let us all play our roles, how small or big they may be. May Allah bring honor and recognition to AEEF ( and give it every chance to play indelible role in shaping our future.

KH and regards

Shaida Andrabi
Ph.D. Assistant Professor,
University of Kashmir, Srinagar.

We know What Sachar Committe has to say. But what are we doing?

During my stay here in India I am coming across the facts which are nerve wrecking. Our community is in shambles. Everybody quotes the findings of the Sachar Committee which stated that Muslims are in wost conditions than the Dalits. Everybody is looking at the government for help.

That is fine, but one question that comes to my mind is that what are we doing to correct this situation? We are doing our part, but that is not enough. It is heartening to note that various organization and individuals are putting their efforts, and their efforts are showing results. Aligarh Education Endowment Fund's (, Aligarh Alumni Association of Washington DC, American Federation of Muslims from India (AFMI) and Aligarh Alumni Association of New England (AAANE) are some of the organizations, which I know are the pioneers in this field. I want their ranks to swell. The landscape of my neighborhood in Gorakhpur is changing due to the generous contributions from the above mentioned organizations plus from the individual donors, who are putting their trust in me. Allah will help me, and InshaAllah I will never put them down. I need your help. We are running a FREE Coaching/Guidance Center plus helping students thru scholarships programs.

Ramadan is a month of great opportunities and blessings from Allah. It gives us the opportunity to take a closer look of our activities in life, what we are doing and what we should be doing. The opportunity in this month is not only fasting and prayers, but also the spirit of sharing and giving. Please consider making a Ramadan gift to the next generation of students. I am asking you to consider making a generous donation to the above mentioned organizations, for a project that is closest to your heart. Your gift will make a difference in helping new generation of students realize their dreams. Please visit their web sites to find out their programs which you may be interested in.


Tanvir Salim
Canton, MA 02021, USA

Hamara School, an informal schooling system based in Mallah ka Nagla, operating under the Society for Human Welfare and Education (SHWE) wishes to express its heartfelt gratitude to the Aligarh Education Endowment (AEEF), USA, for providing financial assistance to eleven of its students in 2011.

The school offers informal learning opportunities to kids whose parents are uninterested or unwilling to educate their children, primarily due to their socio-economic strains. On completion of elementary studies in the informal setup, Hamara School places its children in schools of repute across the city, supports them in all their material and guidance needs, and assists them through evening tutorial classes to monitor and supplement their learning at school. The AEEF offered full-scholarship grants to the students, all of who are enrolled at the Aligarh Modern School run by Dr. Asim Rizvi.

We pray that Allah accepts these efforts and gives us both the best in both worlds. Ameen.


On behalf of Hamara School
Shah Mohammad Shadab and
Mohammad Shoeb Mustafa Khan