Aligarh Education Endowment Fund

A Non-Profit 501 (c) (3) Educational
& Charitable Organization Tax ID: 20-1000034

(650) 969-AEEF (2333)

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Spread the Word

Please spread the word for AEEF’s project and its fundraising campaigns and encourage your friends and colleagues to donate generously.

There are several ways you can create the awareness about AEEF in your social and professional circle. Some ideas are listed below:

  • Create awareness about AEEF and share our messages on social media (via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Online Forums/Groups, Emails, Blogs etc.).
  • Give a talk at your community center, place of worship, place of work, etc. to familiarize people with the work of AEEF
  • Talk to friends and family about various educational programs and events of AEEF.
  • Network with other AEEF supporters in your vicinity.
  • Share information about upcoming AEEF events & ways to get involved
  • Organize a fundraiser for Aligarh Education Endowment Fund (AEEF)
  • Encourage people to get corporate matching funds for their donations and volunteer work with AEEF.