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Vocational Training

Sarmishta Ahuja Industrial Training Center (SAITC), Parsara, Hathras

The commendable achievement of Saiema Mansoor Public School (SMPS) run under Noorul Uloom Education Society (NUES) is seen in the 100% results in all nine consecutive CBSE exams for Grade XII

While the High School results are very impressive, few of these resource constrained students are able to continue higher studies into the universities, and as such, the core objective and the real mission of the NUES cannot be achieved unless and until these high school graduates are gainfully employed.

This will prepare many of the girls for enrolling in formal schools after some initial tutoring.

According to the Prime Minister’s Office there is an immediate need for 90 million skilled workers.

Following are the three minimum requirements for a person to qualify as a skilled labor:

  1. Must be a high school graduate
  2. Must have basic knowledge and understanding of computer science
  3. Must have obtained an in-depth practical training of a year or two from an accredited Industrial Training Center or a vocational institute.

The jobless SMPS graduates meet the first two requirements, but not the third requirement because the NUES is presently in the process of developing and establishing an Industrial Training Center.

Recently, Mr. Anilesh Ahuja, a philanthropist from New York, has generously donated a sizable funding to kick start the urgently needed Industrial Training Center Project. He named this project after his deceased loving mother as: “Sarmishta Ahuja Industrial Training Center” (SAITC).

Soon after the foundation stone laying ceremony by Prof. Irfan Habib, the construction work of the “Sarmishta Ahuja Industrial Center is has started.

AEEF is facilitating the fundraising efforts for SAITC project.

Coordinator: Prof. Nafees Ahmad

Mahila Training Markaz (Women's Vocational Training Center)

Mahila Training Markaz is also run by Shabbir Memorial Education Society and mainly looked after by Prof. Rashid Hayat Siddiqi and Mrs. HashimRizvi. The Markaz was started about 15 years ago when it received a small grant from a well-wisher and is located very close to a congested area of lower middle and lower class residential/commercial population. At present it has 30 girls/women registered in the program that comprises basic instructions in tailoring. There is a supervisor and one salaried instructor. Program was being operated in low key mainly due to lack of finances. However, with AEEF's help since 2011, center has been able to revive the programs. Added more sewing machines, some furniture, increased salaries and above all have started a literacy program.

Girls (12-18 years age group) are illiterate, who have joined the primary education class. Girls who have completed VI to VIII grade want to appear in High School examination for women conducted by AMU. An Instructor has been appointed who runs classes.

This will prepare many of the girls for enrolling in formal schools after some initial tutoring.

Coordinator: Dr. Syed Asim Rizvi